Bal der Bals

What is Bal der Bals? Probably the coolest prom on earth! The the pathway to an ultimate kingdom where each is crowned King & Queen.

Get ready for another spectacular night in our ultimate kingdom on Saturday 5 May 2018 as Kings & Queens are invited to be amazed by true magic and something truly magnanimous. Be part of this special night!

Official address

BOCCA (R4 – near Ghent)
Solariumdreef 5

Opening Hours

Saturday May 5, 2018

22:00 GMT+1 – 05:00 GMT+1

Minimum Age


Enthusiasm to party is more important than age. The minimum age to enter Bal der Bals is 15 years (or turning 16 in the year 2017 and 2018)

All guests must produce valid photo identification if requested for proof of age. If older than 16 you can purchase beer, 18+ can purchase hard liquor. Please note that NO alcohol is served if you’re younger than 16 and you cannot bring your own beverage to the event.

Dresscode Policy


At Bal der Bals, we strive to obtain one identity by one dresscode: evening dress. There will be a comprehensive dresscode check-up before entering. Our dresscode policy is strictly obligated and no exceptions will be allowed.

For women it’s allowed to bring own dancing shoes (flat shoes, All Stars, sneakers, Adidas,…) contributing to a cocktail dress or evening dress of your choice. Jumpsuits and blazers are also allowed.

For men a suit and tie or tuxedo with bow are mandatory. If you have no full suit, permission will also be admitted if you show up with a trouser, a shirt with a bow/tie, and shoes for which non-sport and classic is preferred.

Jeans, sport clothes, hats or rainbow colored trousers (red, yellow, orange,…) are NOT allowed at Bal der Bals. You should always wear your tie/bow.

Ties and bows will be available at the entrance desk. You’ll pay a small fee of 10 EUR if you need to buy one. Access will be denied if you are not wearing a bow or tie.

Lost & Found


Lost items that are found, can be picked up at the location on Sunday 8 May between 06h00 and 08h00 without having a confirmation by e-mail.

After this time, we ask to contact us at with a short discription of your loss.

Join the crew

Wanna be part of the Bal der Bals crew? Brilliant idea but the places are very limited. Check this page and co-create with us!

Forbidden items


Products made of glass or devices that can be used as a weapon such as umbrellas, parasol’s, tripod for camera, projectiles/explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous states, inflammable products or materials, aerosol cans, pyrotechnic objects, any weapon or sharp or bruising objects that can cause injury. Animals are not allowed either, exept party animals. But also anything that can disturb the peace, endanger the security or cause damage to properties/people.

Prohibited items NOT to bring with you: glass, illegal substances, large purses, bags, backpacks, weapons of any kind, stickers, flyers, posters, large chains or spiked jewelry, umbrella’s, hats, caps, professional auto, video, photo equipemtn (no detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms of commercial-use rigs, not even GoPro).

Bringing your own alcohol is also strictly prohibited. Various drinks will be available at Bal der Bals including different champagnes, cocktails, and so on. Everything will be served in plastic. Public drinking in front or nearby the location is strictly forbidden and can be punished by law.

You are fully allowed to bring your digital camera or capture memorable snaps via mobile phone camera’s and disposable cameras. No professional cameras are allowed without press accreditation.

At the entrance of the Event you will be able to buy all kinds of Bal der Bals merchandise and exclusive goodies such as the Bal der Bals Cap.

Earplugs will also be available for free at the entrance.

You’re not allowed to flyer. Please try and use less paper. Plus, marketing is totally overrated.

Safety Rules


Our ultimate goal is for every year’s prom to be BETTER and SAFER than the year before. To give you the best experience you deserve, we already advise all Kings & Queens to read-up on our extra precautionary measures.

Please think also for yourself and care about all other visitors!

Avoid backpacks, bags, large purses,…!

If under influence of drugs or alcohol, … you will be denied access and you won’t be able to share memories with the ones you love.

All guests must produce valid photo identification if requested.

Think for yourself and care about others! Please don’t drink and drive, there will be enough taxis available to bring you home safe or to a place nearby.

Any use of all means of narcotics is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, be it soft, hard or controlled drugs. Bal der Bals takes pride in its positive image and we maintain rigid co-operation with local authorities. There may be undercover police officers patrolling the parameters for the duration of the event.

All guests must produce valid photo identification if requested for proof of age. If older than 16 you can purchase beer, 18+ can purchase hard liquor. NO alcohol is served if you’re younger than 16. You cannot bring your own beverage to the event nor on the parking areas. This will lead to removal from the event.

Please make sure that you and your friends stay hydrated during the event.

We strongly advise you to read-up on our list of rules & regulations to ensure a pleasant experience for all visitors. Read the house rules on this link.

Contact us


Got a question?

We’ll help you resolve your issues quickly and easily by contacting us.

Digital Idea Box

Do you, as a visitor, have ingenious thoughts of how Bal der Bals can be even more amazing? Ideas covering subjects such as performances, artists, themes, internet or whatever? Do you have a special thing to add?

Please send your ideas to and help improve BDB the way you like it… Who knows, maybe we pick you and your idea.

Contact Information

Koning Leopold II-laan 17C
9000 Ghent – Belgium