Where does Bal der Bals stands for?

Bal der Bals is a non-profit event that prides itself on being students for students. Her mission: to unite young people associtated with secondary and high education schools and to represent the interests of them by helping him/her with overall and cultural development. Everyone who – now or in the future – has taken or will take part in our establishment and/or operation of Bal der Bals does so out of a sense of social responsibility. They will not be rewarded, not financially nor in any other way.

Where does the money come from?

Where does the money come from? We receive and are still receiving money from visitors, the organization, partners, assocations, companies, sympathizers and a few persons that wish to remain anonymous. The sale of the entrance wristbands also brings money.

How is the money being spent?

We disengage amounts of money to people and associations that work with us during the event or to make our school become more effecient by buying material, automate systems and so on.

School of Events

Bal der Bals created for all its members ‘School of Events’. Every time a co-creator comes at us, he or she go to school. With our little school you can develop your skills, receive coaching, sell tickets, participate in the crew, obtain material, bring a (DJ-)act, and so on. In this way, we want to thank its members and go for coaching of the most talented people out there. The more you come to our event, the more experience and so the more opportunities to participate out of our school! All people that do something for Bal der Bals, are part of their own event. They obtain, learn and contribute their own event.

Wanna help a hand?

You are active in a youth association dedicated to charity and you would like to feed your greenhouse? Come and help a hand with a few members during the event! Contact us.

More info

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